Rayyan Testimonials

“I love it!”


“Rayyan is well designed to complete the steps required for a Systematic Review and it allows for easy collaboration. I have also been impressed by the responsive of the support team!”

Claire Young, PhD Candidate, Deakin University.

“Rayyan in very helpful in sorting large numbers of articles, helps me to see all of the reviews I am managing at a glance, and can be accessed by anyone, anywhere.”

Margaret Foster, Associate Professor, Systematic Reviews Coordinator, Texas A&M University.

“Rayyan is an incredible and free tool for selecting studies for systematic review and meta-analysis! I love it!”

Elvis Temfack, Research clinician, Douala General Hospital .

“We use Rayyan for most of our systematic review screening and recommend it regularly to our colleagues. It works extremely well and is very easy to use”


“My collaborators are very happy with this tool. Rather than reviewing 2,000+ articles in Excel for a couple of weeks, it took them 2 days to complete the review.”


“I just discovered this tool and it's fantastic! We are currently reviewing more than 2,000 articles in Excel and it's absolutely awful!”

Nedelina Tchangalova, Ms., University of Maryland College Park USA.

“Great work on the site and app. This makes creating consort diagrams for reviews very easy and the collab feature is very helpful. ”


“Really is easy to use.”

Luuk Bekker, Student, AMC-UvA.

“Rayyan is a good tool which is easy to work with. Its support team is very responsive and helpful.”


“Rayyan is easy to work with, easy to get started!”


“I do not know of any other tool that supports performing literature reviews so well.”


“I love the Rayyan system, it’s very intuitive and easy to use.”


“Rayyan is a very useful tool.”

Deirdre Beecher, Information Specialist.

“I love the simplicity in using this system!”


“Great website”


“I am loving using Rayyan and my PhD student loves it too. Thanks for the helpful reply and for the great programme.”


“Rayya is user friendly and easy to use”


“I can't read papers without Rayyan.”

Anonymous. Anonymous. Anonymous. Anonymous. Anonymous. Anonymous. Dr Anirudha Agnihotry, President, Oral Cancer Organization, Mahatma Gandhi Medical College . Hanna Olofsson, Information Specialist, The Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment (SBU). Cochrane Airways group, St Georges University of London. Dr Soumyadeep Bhaumik, Clinician & Public Health Consultant, Kolkata, India. Anonymous. Anthony Messina, MD MSPH MBA, Primary Author CARG 130, Cochrane Reviews. Skye Newton, Team leader, Adelaide Health Technology Assessment. Anonymous. Kayleigh Kew, Systematic Reviewer, St George's, University of London.

“Great interface, great usability, sophisticated rating algorithm, free!”


“Rayyan is awesome!”

Adriano Freitas, Graduation Student, UNIFESP-EPM.

“Rayyan is great!”


“I find Rayyan an easy-to-use online screening tool, and very reliable.”


“Simple use and minimum effort.”

Göran Bertilsson, Project director and analyst, SBU – Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment.

“Rayyan is a helpful software that is free of charge.”


“Thank so much for a great service you created, it is very clever how you approached support of screening”


“Rayyan is a fantastic tool, thanks a lot!”

Karin Stenström, Project Director, SBU.

“I am enjoying using Rayyan.”

Hamish Chalmers, Doctoral Researcher, Oxford Brookes University.

“From just an hour or so working with the system I can say that this already made a very good impression on me.”

Bernd Richter, Coordinating Editor, Cochrane Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders Group.

“I was interested to see how Rayyan works and it does seem flexible and intuitive.”


“It's a very useful tool that supports the systematic review process very well with a clear structure.”


“I must say that after using the Rayyan text-mining tool I am impressed. Really useful and easy to work with.”


“It's a very easy site to use. The way different authors can work on the same review is extremely easy and very helpful.”

Eman Alrowaili, Dental Public Health Consultant, Ministry of Health, Bahrain.

“Thank you for this super tool.”


“Looks great! Very useful for scoping topics too. Great program with a lot of potential use.”

Amy Price, Director of ThinkWell and DPHIL student at the University of Oxford.

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